Selling your home?

Selling your home?

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Conveyancing Partners – the law firm of conveyancing specialists just for Sellers & Real Estate Agents.


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Selling your home? Get things moving fast
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Complete your instructions at any time 24/7. We start work the second we receive your instructions and can turn around contracts within 2 days! Once you complete your instructions you can track the progress of your conveyancing at your personal and secure SalesDesk. You won’t be left wondering what’s next or spending time chasing up paperwork.

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Login to SalesDesk, your personal and secure place to track your transaction 24/7, upload documents or complete key tasks needed to sell your home.

Value Certainty

At Conveyancing Partners, we offer competitive fixed priced services. Our innovative solutions and partnership with your Agent means you get great pricing with outstanding service.

Easy. Interactive. 24/7.

At Conveyancing Partners, we know that You and your Agent want everything at your fingertips 24/7. You both want to know what is going on and be alerted whether there is anything that is holding up a smooth conveyancing process. Your SalesDesk is a simple, secure and easy way to keep on top of things.

Partnering with your Agent

We have designed our business around You and your Agent!  We partner with your Agent every step of the way and integrate our services into your property sales campaign.  This means less hassles, faster listing of your property and a smoother conveyancing transaction.