Why use Conveyancing Partners?

Why use Conveyancing Partners?

A rewarding partnership

As a specialist law firm we work with Real Estate Agents and Sellers to make listing and selling property easier

Conveyancing in the fast lane

Track every matter, every day, anywhere, with your personal and secure SalesDesk

Experience certainty

Our directors and staff have over 50 years advising clients with complex transactions

Value Certainty Partnership

Conveyancing Partners – the law firm of conveyancing specialists just for Sellers & Agents.

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Become a Partner Agent

Real Estate Agents can register as a Partner Agent in 2 minutes. Partner Agents benefit from every referral. Your clients will be contacted immediately and can complete their simple instructions in minutes. Become a Partner Agent today and discover how much Conveyancing Partners can increase your profitability.

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Partner Agents - make a referral

By only working with Agents and Sellers – Conveyancing Partners does things on your terms! Refer a Seller or another Agent and profit from the experience.  Experience certainty, speed and control with our innovative SalesDesk that lets you track every matter, every day, anywhere on any device.


Sellers – engage us today

Our law firm integrates your conveyancing needs with your sales campaign.  We partner with your Real Estate Agent, which means less hassles, faster listing and a smoother sale of your property.  Complete your simple  instructions in 5 minutes so we can tailor the Contract for Sale to your needs and you will receive it in as little as 2 days.